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What America is
made of

With craftsmanship that runs generations deep, Volunteer Knitwear is quality apparel that’s proudly made in the USA. Designed for collaborators and curators across America, every garment is woven with American integrity and pride.

How it all began: watch now

30 years. Three Generations.
A million threads to pull forward.

In the only place where a 5,000-pound knitting machine loaded into the back of a pickup truck can turn into something we all share: knitwear for creators across America.

It started way back when our founders had a vision for how they could create a better life for themselves and the community. It led to a knitting machine being loaded onto a flatbed truck, driven through the local car wash, and stored in the shed next door until they were able to open a textile mill of their own. Three generations later, that same factory in the mountains of Tennessee is powered by craftsmen who believe in the rare blend of grit and optimism that weaves together purpose, product and people.

From an American Dream moonshot, to working nights after day jobs, to securing a knitting contract, to becoming one of the country’s largest vertically integrated garment companies, to standing as the last bastion of the US textile manufacturing industry, Volunteer Knitwear exists to both reignite pride in the making and “Buy America” happen.

Our Approach to Craft

Our passion for craft runs generations deep. It’s a thread we continue to pull forward.
We’re proud to be a community of makers who create apparel you can count on.
We believe each of our garments begins with a story about pride in making.